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VisionQuest Alliance Is Now Tenfold BPO

VisionQuest Alliance

When we began in the year 2000, VisionQuest Alliance was on a quest for opportunities to partner with and help Christian organizations, so we embraced the name.

We’re no longer on a quest, because we’ve found exactly who we are and how we can help. So, we’ve changed our name to something that fully represents the organization we are — the organization you already know and trust.

We are Tenfold Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), or Tenfold for short, and we provide Christian organizations with affordable, high-quality accounting services so they can focus on their missions.


Tenfold BPO — Faith in the Process.

The process we honed for our first 16 years is now represented by the new Tenfold BPO brand.

The name Tenfold describes our service variety from compliance review and donation receipting to our full suite of back-office services. Tenfold also describes the level of effort with which we perform our jobs.

What does the new name mean for you as a ministry partner? It simply means we are more committed to our mission — your mission — than ever before.

A new name and logo on our correspondence is essentially all that will change for those of you who knew us when we were known as VisionQuest Alliance.

We’re proud to have served so many world-changing organizations during our first 16 years, and we can’t wait to see how God uses us for the years to come.

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