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Providing Christian organizations with affordable, high-quality accounting services

Put Your Mission First


Tenfold BPO exists to increase the effectiveness of Christian organizations worldwide.


Tenfold will fulfill its vision by providing Christian organizations with a full range of affordable, professional business services so they can more effectively focus on their own mission and ministry.


Individually and corporately, we are committed to operating principles that reflect our deeply held beliefs and biblical values.

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Tenfold Testimonials

  • "For over 8 years, Ripe for Harvest has relied on Tenfold for an array of billing and accounting tasks. The staff at Tenfold is extremely helpful and accommodating to virtually all of our requests. Without Tenfold, I would have to have an office full of staff that I would have to manage and the staff at Tenfold is much better at managing a back office than I am."

    - Tim Smith, President of Ripe for Harvest World Outreach
  • “Without Tenfold’s valuable services, our ministry would have a mountain to climb in terms of securing office space, equipment and additional personnel to accommodate the essential business functions. We have been able to allocate maximum resources to projects touching thousands of lives in areas of great need, both spiritually and with humanitarian aid, with the support provided by Tenfold.  For this, we are very grateful."

    - Renae DeBever, Director of Administration for the Joshua Fund
  • "Faced with increased regulations and changing financial environment we knew that ICM needed expertise that we could not obtain by hiring one or two qualified people. We needed our own donation center that had the software and personnel to become an efficient back office. But we also needed an organization that understood the special needs of a mission agency and missionaries. Thankfully we were led to Tenfold. There we found all the critical components we needed to ensure compliance and competence. Their leadership and staff are not simply hired hands, but fellow laborers in God’s vineyard. We feel that we have not hired out a critical component, but have hired in partners who will enhance our ability to serve Jesus in our mission calling. They have become part of the ICM team."

    - Dr. Phil Walker, International Christian Ministries President
  • "In 2001 compliance issues dictated our organization use three people to process a donation when we had only one administrative person on staff. Our ministry was growing and accounting was becoming too much for one person. Our staff is very thankful for the servant-hearted staff at Tenfold. They speak our language in so many ways and that makes the relationship so much easier and more personal. They share our value that we are accountable to a higher authority—our heavenly father. Tenfold has expressed to us that they value what our ministry does and they realize that they help us in many ways to fulfill that ministry as they work with our donors who support our mission."

    - Sandy Culbertson, BEE World, Inc. Director of Administration and Finance

Put Your Mission First

Tenfold BPO provides Christian organizations with affordable, high-quality accounting services so they can focus on their mission.